Green Sports Day

Celebrate the Impact of Environmental Awareness.



In support of the Green Sports Alliance, Green Bear Group conceived of the idea of a national holiday celebrating the sports industry’s progress improving the impact of operations and spreading the word of environmental responsibility to fans across the continent.


A national day of celebration of the sports industry's accomplishments and commitments.


The Obama White House


Through months of negotiations, Green Bear and the Alliance worked with the Obama White House to come together to declare and support the first annual Green Sports Day.


A Celebration of all the Good.

Together, Green Bear, the Alliance and the Obama Administration challenged the sports industry and its fans to do more. Inspiring the country through presidential support, the call went out to professional and collegiate sports, to corporations and NGOS, to industry leaders and small town heroes seeking greater commitments to combating climate change and inspiring fans across the country.


President Obama Supports Sports Greening

President Obama congratulates the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins on their significant greening accomplishments and their role in the Green Sports Alliance.


Letter of Support for Green Sports Day

President Obama’s letter of congratulations for which Green Bear provided content and helped to secure.

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Tackling Climate through Sports

The White House list of sports industry commitments that the Alliance and Green Bear helped secure.

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Alliance Proclamation

The Green Sports Alliance Green Sports Day proclamation that
Green Bear help craft.

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