Our Mission:

Marketing that Sustains

Our goal is our customers' success. Through communication and marketing efforts, we help our clients spread the word about what they're doing-- and in the process, create a better, more sustainable earth.


What We Do

We help our clients drive positive change.

The earth is small and we don't have time to mess around. The constant pressure that consumes our environment has made it harder for business to be actively engaged in working towards a responsible future. We enable our clients to more effectively serve their customers, while making the earth a more sustainable place to live, work, and play.

Specifically, we design and develop public engagement strategies and campaigns; facilitate strategic marketing and communications planning sessions; and work with our clients to develop and manage execution of fan engagement programs.

We work at the intersection of sustainability and the real world. From large corporations committed to improving their sustainability to green startups with big ambitions, Green Bear Group delivers measurable results.


Our Impact

Green Bear Group engages organizations, consumers, and communities to influence awareness, attitudes and behaviors. Our mission is to promote and support positive social and environmental change. By creating challenges on a personal level, we deliver provocative messages that stop people and cause them to question their previous beliefs. Connecting people through targeted messaging, we influence sustainability by meeting them where they are. With our help, our clients drive positive change in their own communities and the world around them.


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