Tyson Foods

Together, We Can Change the Way you Shop.



Green Bear Group partnered with Tyson Foods to educate consumers and help change the way people shop. Tyson wanted to raise awareness and help increase sales of prepared foods. Green Bear developed an experiment to introduce families to new ways of creating meals from prepared foods and in the process creating more sustainable eating habits.


Raising awareness through inspiration and education.


Prepared Foods.


By understanding shopping habits, we were able to teach families how to better use the grocery store to create restaurant quality meals for their families and friends.


The Keeley Family

We gave the Keeley family a challenge; source your ingredients from the prepared foods section of the supermarket and create dinner for your family for seven days. Through observation, we were able to better understand how the Keeley family shopped using prepared foods, allowing Tyson Foods the chance to improve shopping habits and bring more awareness and traffic to the stores. With the introduction of Chef Charlie Baggs, we taught the family to use prepared foods along with fresh ingredients to create new and exciting meals.


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