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Green Bear Group delivers high-level marketing services: strategic planning, creative development, and flawless execution. We work with large organizations committed to improving their sustainability, green startups with big ambitions, and everyone in between.

As the marketplace evolves, so does our approach.  In today’s market, sustainability has become a strong purchase consideration for consumers and businesses alike.  We help our clients become part of that conversation in a meaningful way to change minds, influence behavior, and transform the world.

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Who we are

Because it's good to know who you're working with.


We do business using the Hollywood model:  when we start a new project, we bring together the best team for that engagement.  We partner with top professionals in their respective fields. This allows us incredible flexibility, scaling up or down to suit each engagement.


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Send us a message text or call @ 415-377-8431, or dispatch a carrier pigeon (we’ll sequester the office cat).
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